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Many people experience difficult times in their lives through stress, anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed by life events.

Most of the time we find ways of dealing with such situations using our own resources. However sometimes we can be overwhelmed by feelings of distress and sadness that can leave us isolated and cut off from our usual channels of support. 


When we feel stuck and unsure of how to carry on, despite our best efforts, therapy can be helpful.

  • You may be feeling weighed down by unexpected life events, bullying, trauma, shame / guilt, stress, anxiety, low mood, depression.  Efforts to resolve situations have not resulted in the changes you had hoped for despite your efforts.

  • You may have used coping strategies that initially alleviated the problem but have become less effective over time.

  • You may have lost your sense of direction, unsure which way to go next, professionally or personally.

  • You may have experienced a deep loss.

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How can therapy help?

Therapy aims to alleviate psychological distress by supporting individuals, couples, or family members to begin to safely talk about their concerns, increasing understanding, identifying resources and through this process creating opportunities for meaningful change.

I draw on a range of evidence based and creative methods to tailor an approach for you.  In my experience one size does not fit all.  I offer safe reflective spaces to suit your needs.

If you have questions which aren’t answered here, or you’re not sure which approach is right for you, please get in touch via the contact link below or by phone 07588151591.

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